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The American consumer has demonstrated to us that the safety and quality of the food which they eat is one of their top priorities. As beef producers, it is our responsibility to insure that every animal which leaves our operations has been managed and treated correctly. This will insure that when the animal leaves the farm to go to the next link in the beef production chain it will be a fault free product to put the finishing touches on. If everyone does this, we are taking a huge step towards securing an even brighter future for our industry.

One of the primary goals of Tennessee's BQA program is to bring our BQA efforts to the same level of many other states' BQA programs. Why should we care about other states? It's pretty simple. The states that buy higher quality, source verified, Tennessee feeder cattle with a sound health program will be assured that these calves are ready to go. Many of the alliances and branded beef product lines are also demanding these calves. In short, the most progressive beef programs in the country are demanding high quality, properly managed cattle with sound vaccination program. Cattle that are source verified and their producers are BQA Certified will attract buyers because they help insure a higher quality final product...BEEF.


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Yes, I know you are in spring calving season if that's your program. So you might wonder why this article isn't about calving instead of breeding, which is still at least three months away. The thing is, what we do right now during calving will determine our success in the breeding season.
“Our greatest risk is doing nothing,” explained Robert Fraley, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Monsanto at the recent annual Cattlemen's College sponsored by Zoetis.
Beautiful fall weather greeted Brangus buyers from 12 states at the Salacoa Valley Farms Fall Bull and Female Sale.
It was the shadow that Hooter noticed first—a roundish dark blob shimmering on the water of the tank he was checking. Then he could make out a rhythmic noise—not quite mechanical but not natural—coming from above.
My first experience in commercial agriculture was as a six year old sharecropper when I turned one of my mom's tiny flower beds into a radish ranch. My cash crop consisted of two rows planted way too close together and I waited impatiently for the first green sign that my crop would not fail.
It's fairly well understood by most producers that minerals have to be supplemented to cattle at all stages of production if they want optimal performance. The different formulations for mineral supplements are as numerous as stars in the sky.
Jefferson City, Mo. – Missouri beef industry professional Nick Hammett, from Ashland, Mo., was recognized by Gov. Jay Nixon and Director of Agriculture Richard Fordyce at the 46th Missouri Governor's Conference on Agriculture with the 2015 Missouri Beef Cattle Legacy Award, recognizing him for leadership in Missouri's beef cattle industry.
Adding Protein and Nitrogen -- We have all been cautioned to be skeptical of the idea of getting “something for nothing.” “If it's too good to be true, it probably is.”
The soundtrack of my life has been the chant of an auctioneer.
As we wind down 2015 and get ready for 2016 it's always interesting to pull out the crystal ball and take a look at the coming year. We can all agree on one thing, the cattle markets have likely been the topic of many/most coffee shop discussions during 2015.
Mirrors make for some of the most imprecise crystal balls. Yet, there's little doubt that the easiest identified reflections from last year will loom large in markets throughout 2016.
In the brief, post-harvest, fall season before daylight grows short and the first frost prevents cattle from grazing in the pasture, farmers and ranchers running cow-calf operations finally have the time and labor available to prepare their facilities for the long winter ahead.
When it comes to cattle comfort, small investments can make a big difference.
Often when beef cattle producers make management, breeding, or culling decisions, it is with a short term goal in mind. That goal is often improving profits or animal performance.
I haven't paid much attention to department store Santas since I was eight years old and I saw a disheveled and sloppy Santa taking a long puff on a cigarette as he got into his putrid green VW bus with curtains.

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Waggoner Ranch
by Cross-7 (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 23:18:34 GMT)
Makes my life feel so small and insignificant

Garden 2016
by fenceman (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 23:15:48 GMT)
I chiseled up the garden Sunday. Left the pitiful Remains of the winter garden. Got a couple of rows of carrots , beets and turnips were eating as we harvest every few days.

Super Duper wf Simi X Replacements ?
by Stocker Steve (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:49:16 GMT)
Till-Hill wrote: Can you only run Genex or I know Select Sires and ABS both are in your area?

Our best calf was a Robust this year. Retained him as a JR Herdsire. His Momma will be bred/flushed to Substance this year

I contacted SS. How much do you put on the stay ability EPD? Do you think Uno Mas, Robust, or Stetson would be the best cow maker?

17 HMR
by RoppFamilyFarm (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:43:04 GMT)
JMJ Farms wrote:I've got a .17 savage stainless with a bull barrel. Deadly accurate. Decently priced ammo that's usually easy to find. Fun to shoot. I have a couple of .22 mags that IMO are just as good but I can't find cartridges. I guess it depends on what you want to shoot at. They all have a purpose. Friend has a custom built .221 Fireball. Never seen or heard of that caliber before or since. But it's a bad boy for a small caliber.
I have the same thing. Love it! on a calm day it is dead on accurate out to 100 yards easily! Shoot alot of Nutria with it around here. Plus the ammo is much easier to come by then .22 is, and the price difference is getting slimmer. Considering getting the new Savage A17 17HMR. (http://www.coastalfarm.com/product/sava ... tic-rifle/) Shot one of my friends and loved it! Not as hardcore accurate as the Bolt Action, but still very good!

Trying to post photo
by Lazy M (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:34:16 GMT)
Heifer with twins

Need color matching help
by JMJ Farms (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:33:28 GMT)
Looks better than my '13. That's 2013. Not 1913. Nice wheels Dun.

Gerts in the Snow
by ez14 (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:28:36 GMT)
Ky hills wrote:I like the Gerts, not too fond of snow.
+1 especially the snow part

Should I wait for rain
by JMJ Farms (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:21:41 GMT)
fenceman wrote:You must be pretty sharp jj that's what I'm thinking.
I'm thinking I'm going sell the steers and a few heifers I don't think much of. Keeping some of the better heifers for a little bit.

Better go with lucky FM. My philosophy is this.... Pigs get fat but hogs get butchered. I just try to spread my selling out where I don't hit "all the low markets" however by doing this I also don't hit all the highs. As for the money comment, I wasn't bragging in the slightest. I've just got some room to play for about 9 months without being "forced" to sell. That wasn't the case last year. And it has given me some options, and for now I've got plenty of feed, but one drought could mess that up quickly.

End of a good run.
by hillbilly beef man (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:19:39 GMT)
JMJ Farms wrote:hurleyjd wrote:Cows sometimes will lay down with their feet uphill and die of bloat. Only way to keep from losing cows is,not to have any. Which is a near goal for me.

Hills? Or cows?

Cows, dang things will always eventually find a way to die.

Fall calving heifers 1st year, then move to spring calving?
by Boot Jack Bulls (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:16:28 GMT)
Supa Dexta wrote:At what age are you weaning them?

Is this question for me or the OP? We wean at as close to the 205 day mark as we can. Our calving window is usually right around 30 days, so we can wean a group and have most of them be close to the mark.

New bull
by A.J. (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:10:54 GMT)
He's a load. He should add some nice muscle to his calves.

"Creating/Inflating EPS"
by Amo (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:10:13 GMT)
Well that was kinda my first thought. IDK, just kinda strange that he wasn't more forth giving about information. I just asked about supplement sheets in general. I didn't ask about the weaning weight of say lot 17, so he was talking about the weights in general. I got the feeling though that if I would of asked specifically about lot 17, IDK if I would of gotten what I was asking for. He was very friendly over the phone & and answered lots of other stuff, like creep feeding and not to use their $60K bull on heifers. He was pretty quite and if I pushed for actual information I don't know if Id get it, or he would of ended the conversation.

Cow Breeding Back Question...
by Nesikep (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 22:05:36 GMT)
My heaviest producing cow was the one coming up late, and after doing blood tests I found out she was very low on phosphorus, copper, and selenium.. she did fine after she got the *right* minerals.

The drought stresses the weakest animals first... if it's possible, move your breeding season so that it's unlikely to be coupled with drought

Round Bale Trailer
by jedstivers (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 21:57:02 GMT)
There's one brand, it was discussed on new Agtalk the other day, that has its on hyd system, brakes and remote control to dump. I'd rather have it then the one I have now.
One thing about them is they are real fast on moving. It's unreal hoe quick they are.

hello from se pennsylvania
by pa farmhand (Posted Tue, 09 Feb 2016 21:27:48 GMT)
Hello i am new here and looking to see what i can learn. I grew up feeding cattle and have been feeding cattle my whole life. Cattlemen are the best folks to hang out with in my opinion so i joined

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