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The American consumer has demonstrated to us that the safety and quality of the food which they eat is one of their top priorities. As beef producers, it is our responsibility to insure that every animal which leaves our operations has been managed and treated correctly. This will insure that when the animal leaves the farm to go to the next link in the beef production chain it will be a fault free product to put the finishing touches on. If everyone does this, we are taking a huge step towards securing an even brighter future for our industry.

One of the primary goals of Tennessee's BQA program is to bring our BQA efforts to the same level of many other states' BQA programs. Why should we care about other states? It's pretty simple. The states that buy higher quality, source verified, Tennessee feeder cattle with a sound health program will be assured that these calves are ready to go. Many of the alliances and branded beef product lines are also demanding these calves. In short, the most progressive beef programs in the country are demanding high quality, properly managed cattle with sound vaccination program. Cattle that are source verified and their producers are BQA Certified will attract buyers because they help insure a higher quality final product...BEEF.


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The Crimson Classic Santa Gertrudis Sale was held April 30, 2016 in Cullman, Ala.
At the December 17, 2015 meeting the Brahman Foundation Board agreed to distribute funds to expand opportunities for Brahman youth. In an effort to support youth programs and developing leaders in agriculture, the group allocated $30,000 for use in scholarships, educational opportunities, showmanship and more for the year 2016.
The E6 and Registered Beefmaster Replacement Female Sale was held April 24, 2016 in Columbus, Texas.
“In times of declining cow-calf margins, it is important for producers to evaluate opportunities to enhance calf value while simultaneously managing cost of production,” says Derrell Peel, Extension livestock marketing specialist at Oklahoma State University, in his early-June market comments. Peel uses a variety of surveys and studies to underscore his point.
Have you ever thought about what you'd like to eat for your last meal?
Every year, members of the American Junior Brahman Association gather to compete in a variety of contests, showcasing their skills and their cattle. This year, 250 members from nine states will show off their more than 650 entries. The All American will be held in West Monroe, La., at the Ike Hamilton Expo Center, July 4-9, 2016.
At the cow/calf and stocker cattle level, production systems are generally built on forage production, pastures, hay, etc. For these operations forages provide the bulk of the nutrients needed for the animals. In many cases because of inadequate management or simply uncooperative weather patterns, forage quality is not suitable for the pasture and hays to maintain the type of digestibility needed for the animal to extract the needed nutrients.
Red Angus Association of America CEO Tom Brink announced that Katie Ochsner, a native of Torrington, Wyoming, has been hired as a commercial marketing specialist.
Circle A Angus Ranch, headquartered in Iberia, Mo., was proud to host their 22nd annual Spring Bull and Heifer sale offering 403 head sold on March 19th.
A cool, wet spring delayed growth of several summer grasses, but not the weeds that compete for space in fields and pastures across Mississippi.
Besides being a great-granddaughter of the former President, Laura Eisenhower is a professional clairvoyant and spiritual healer who reads Tarot cards and gives astrology readings for a living. In an interview with Fox News Laura said that vegetarians are more apt to see UFO's than meat-eaters because, "we are multidimensional beings and based on our frequency, perceptions and our vibratory levels that we are functioning from, we are going to see things differently."
n the last issue we started a discussion concerning creep feeding and an ongoing evaluation of the value of this practice in cow-calf production. The main question the producer has to ask is “if I decide to creep feed my calves will this result in higher weaning weights and will it be profitable?”
Hooter was riding shotgun with Peetie Womack on the way back home from a feedlot where Peetie was checking on some of his cattle.
Blue skies, blustery winds and Brangus bulls welcomed customers and friends of GENETRUST to the Flint Hills in Eureka, Kansas, on March 22, 2016 for the 24th annual installment of the event hosted by the Suhn family, in what has become one of the premier Brangus events of the year.
Our electric branding iron hangs high on a barn wall, bought on impulse 35 years ago but not used in 30. We freeze brand our replacement heifers though.

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by TexasBred (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:29:30 GMT+5)
A few comments were made a few weeks ago concerning Masons and I got to wondering if we had any Masons on the forum and what your opinions are of the order as well as any contact or interaction you had with a Mason at some time in the past. Seems a lot of folks are very leary of them. I'll admit upfront that I was a Mason for almost 20 years but when they found out I was Catholic I was kicked out. Back in those days neither Catholics nor blacks could be masons. The application nowhere asked me what my faith was so I never told them. I know some of them knew I was Catholic because we had been friends for ages but that's history.

First African Hunt June 1987
by inyati13 (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:27:30 GMT+5)
TexasBred wrote:M-5 wrote:I thought this thread was about him hunting Africans
Ron probably went out after the hunt in the dark sniffing around for a "lady" African. He looks pretty "studly" in those pics.

They make the best cattlewomen. Those Matabele women are heavy boned and lots of muscle. Perfect teeth. Feet as big as dinner plates. I got one ordered. Met her on Facebook. Zimbabwe is having hard times. She said she lost her water. All I got to do is pay her way.

SAV Iron Mountain or SAV Angus Valley
by Air gator (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:24:46 GMT+5)
Has anyone had any experience with SAV Iron Mountain? Just wondering how legit his Docility score is? He has -5 and breed average is 12. EXT is -10 for DOC. Iron Mountain's Heifer Pregnancy EPD is +33. The breed average is +9.9. He is a good looking animal. I think he has the lowest milk EPD I have ever seen for an AI bull. What about SAV Angus Valley 1867? His milk and DOC are better but his HP is lower.

Keeping cross bred bulls. Tips and pics
by OzssieDave19 (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:22:58 GMT+5)
Just do see what i got.

Weaning bottle calves
by Lucky_P (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:21:42 GMT+5)
No, we don't usually wean calves off the cow at 4, 6, 8, or even 12-13 weeks... but they're on the cow, and she's doing the work, paying the bill.
If you love feeding the bottle, go for it... I guarantee you the calves will love drinking it.
But, it's the most expensive and labor-intensive part of raising them... I want them eating grain and forages ASAP.
Last bag of high quality milk replacer I bought was about $90. That cuts into the profit margin if you go through many of those.

Your Favorite AI sire Select or ABS
by Lucky_P (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:16:07 GMT+5)
None of the SS lineup ever really flicked my trigger. Used GAR Yield Grade and Rito 6I6 some. Had one daughter of each that made the cut as a keeper, only the 6I6 is still here, but she ain't setting any production records.

Have used mostly ABS sires.
Best Angus sire I ever used was Gardens Wave, but close second has been B/R Destination 727-928 - still in their lineup... nice, moderate(and I don't mean 'pud') daughters with great udder quality that raise a whopper calf; not pretty, but they do the job.
On the Simmental side, I like what I'm seeing of After Shock so far, but it's still hard to beat Dikeman's Sure Bet for a good, balanced across-the-board performance/maternal/carcass sire - with surefire calving ease.

Whatcha gonna do the 4th
by TexasBred (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:15:01 GMT+5)
No plans at all. Stay inside where it's cool and take it easy.

Canadian Company Switches to US Beef
by TexasBred (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:13:57 GMT+5)
arkie1 wrote:I'm with Tex on this one. I've had some dam fine dairy beef in my life. I see no reason to differentiate between the two.
Last Holstein meat I had was about a 1500 lb. holstein bull that was running with the herd breeding cows. Had a short in the wiring in a small barn with a lean to shed on it. Bull was under the shed, touched the bldg. and was electrocuted. We bled him out, put him on the back of a one ton flat bed Dodge and hauled him to the meat locker. Picked him up about 3 weeks later. Had to buy another freezer to hold all the meat. Flavor was great and meat was tender. Of course he was eating 30 lbs. of good dairy grain every day so that helped but there was no "bull" taste or musky taste.

Convince me Vaccinations are/are not necessary
by TCRanch (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:11:05 GMT+5)
dieselbeef wrote:we get nothing extra for working calfs here..ive done both...sat thru the sale both times...many times....no one ever gets anything except steer or heifer..even if its an intact bull unless its obvious its a breeder age animal...but he will still say steer.
id like to know how my animals would do somewhere else like in the Midwest....ive topped the avg many times doing nothing but haulin em in at 6mos..weaning that day

Prior to taking our Spring calves to the Sale Barn I provide them with a complete list of all calves including 2 rounds of shots, weaned a minimum of 45 days, ect. The Sale Barn markets the calves prior to the sale & again when they hit the ring. When we sell private treaty (primarily fall calves & stragglers) there is a slight mark-up because they're fully vaccinated & weaned. You can't get any more Midwest than KS & it does make a difference, at least in my experience.

never owned a cow
by ez14 (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:08:12 GMT+5)
Bigfoot wrote:This'll be a good discussion. I think he is right on nearly all of them.
id like to see what ones you think are right/wrong

for someone that lives/lived? in the city he is impressive

Winner(June) - "Church Buildings"
by Alan (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 17:38:42 GMT+5)
Congrats dash! Nice pictures everyone. Alison said voting was crazy. The church in my pic is also a couple of miles away and holds service every Sunday morning with bible study Wednesday nights. I have been told it was built, along with the school house across the road, around 1900.

Mud bug
by Cross-7 (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 17:38:40 GMT+5)
Bigfoot wrote:the height of there mounds, is usually a good indicator of how dry the summer will be.

In that case it's going to plenty dry here

Construction at the Lazy Bar B
by Oldtimer (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 17:31:07 GMT+5)
HDRider wrote:Coming together real nice.

I used that same material on my new deck.

Yep- I've heard some good things on that Trex wood decking.. Kind of pricey but I was told it was worth it in the long run.. And I'm getting too old to be painting/staining real wood every few years...

Questions/options for old thin cow
by bird dog (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 17:09:26 GMT+5)
Is her poop OK? If not she won't ever gain any weight and needs to be shipped asap. If its OK, maybe hardware. I would still probably ship. They go down hill in a hurry.

Pasture and hay field leases. What works best for you?
by arkie1 (Posted Fri, 01 Jul 2016 17:05:47 GMT+5)
Rafter S wrote:I have cattle on places owned by five different people, not counting me. I pay rent on one of them, pay the taxes on another, and the rest are happy to have the cattle there to keep their ag exemption (with the ag exemption their taxes are only about 10% of what they'd be otherwise).

Rafter I'm going to have to check this out. If it is the same across all states I'll have to remember that as an added bonus to having my cattle on their place.

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