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The American consumer has demonstrated to us that the safety and quality of the food which they eat is one of their top priorities. As beef producers, it is our responsibility to insure that every animal which leaves our operations has been managed and treated correctly. This will insure that when the animal leaves the farm to go to the next link in the beef production chain it will be a fault free product to put the finishing touches on. If everyone does this, we are taking a huge step towards securing an even brighter future for our industry.

One of the primary goals of Tennessee's BQA program is to bring our BQA efforts to the same level of many other states' BQA programs. Why should we care about other states? It's pretty simple. The states that buy higher quality, source verified, Tennessee feeder cattle with a sound health program will be assured that these calves are ready to go. Many of the alliances and branded beef product lines are also demanding these calves. In short, the most progressive beef programs in the country are demanding high quality, properly managed cattle with sound vaccination program. Cattle that are source verified and their producers are BQA Certified will attract buyers because they help insure a higher quality final product...BEEF.


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Landowners often worry about trespassers entering their land, whether intentionally or by mistake, during hunting season.
Weaning is arguably the most stressful event in a calf's life. Combining stressors at weaning can inhibit immune response triggering health problems and shut off gains. Fortunately, cattle producers can understand stressing events and manage against the freeway pile-up that can occur at weaning.
If you deal with livestock, at some point you will also have to decide to treat a sick one or call a veterinarian to make a diagnosis and treatment recommendation. Knowing what to look for and how to decide whether an animal needs treating and what kind of treatment is sometimes easier said than done.
Computers and the Internet have turned many businesses upside down and in many cases, eliminated them entirely. In this technological movement for improvement farmers seem to be ahead of ranchers.
Beef, in general is a quality, healthy product that has enjoyed a place in the world's diet for thousands of years. The world is a changing place, however, and as most of us are well aware, consumer's attitudes toward food, in general are changing.
Even though it seems barely out of its infancy, national herd expansion may be coming to an end.
Some ranchers hold their calves over as yearlings, to sell later when they are bigger, and some people buy light calves in the spring to put on grass and grow them to a larger weight. Some put weaned calves into a confinement program—a drylot situation where they are fed a growing ration—until these calves are ready to go to a finishing facility. The term “backgrounding” covers a broad spectrum that could also include preconditioning after weaning.

There are several ways to castrate calves and bulls. Regardless of the method, it's generally less stressful for the animal at a young age. Daniel Thomson, Kansas State University (Professor of Production Medicine and Epidemiology) says that castration, dehorning, branding are necessary but painful for the animal.

Wildlife enthusiasts often ask how to attract more animals to their property, and the answer is more complicated than most people realize.
Spring-born calves will soon be arriving at auction markets, but producers should consider a weaning plan that will help keep calves healthier and happier, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service beef cattle specialist in Overton.
The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and College of Veterinary Medicine are offering a unique training opportunity for cattlemen who want more information on how to assist cows and heifers having difficulty calving.
It's no secret that replacement heifers are some of the most valuable animals in your herd; however, value goes hand in hand with vulnerability. With recent record-high costs to develop replacement females, it may be time to consider a refresh on your replacement heifer program.
Cow herd owners leery of the futures market or insurance for risk management can look to quality beef for protection.
In Part 1 of this series we began a discussion of the transition process taking calves from the cow/calf sector on to the next stage of production. The initial destination may be one of several including a grazing stage, preconditioning operation, feedyard or some variation of these. In any case, the transition stage with the handling, transportation, lack of feed and water, comingling with other animals and the associated exposure to pathogens to which the calf has no immunity, all work together to create an extremely challenging situation. This commonly results in sickness in the calf, from which it may or may not fully recover. Worst-case it can result in the complete loss of the animal. All of these scenarios result in significant economic loss to the owner at whatever stage it occurs.
I've got the scars to prove that I've spent a good chunk of my life fixing and installing fence. Those fences could be sorted one of two ways: they were either defensive or offensive fences.

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by Margonme (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 06:54:36 GMT+5)
Jogeephus wrote:John, I had to read your post twice. The 15 years old and married kindof got me to thinking you had moved to Kentucky or something. I follow you now.

Be careful, I think John is from Kentucky.

Kentucky 32 Tall Fescue
by Lucky_P (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 06:53:45 GMT+5)
Right, dun.
Endophyte free... mighty risky. Novel/'friendly' endophyte... a much better choice.
I still don't know that I could recommend anyone kill out a good stand of KY-31 to replant to novel endophyte TF - but I did it, and everything here is now Max-Q.
Understand that there's a new novel endophyte TF (named after our friend Dr. Gary Lacefield) from breeding at UofKY, that should be on the market next year. Some paddocks here need thickening up a bit, so I may try drilling some of that into those thin stands next fall, if I can get seed.

Affordable health care.
by True Grit Farms (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 06:51:56 GMT+5)
callmefence wrote:Got my new policy update yesterday. Up about 30% it would be the largest monthly payment I've ever had in my life for anything.
This is the straw . I don't know what I'm gonna do, but I'm gonna go a different way.

This year my wife had a minor fracture in her wrist. Other than that just normal viaits. Policy is only me and wife. Bcbs silver plan

BCBS, won't cover this inhaler that I use, and I don't really blame them. It's $10.00 a day buying out of Canada, twice that much in this country. When I can scrounge up free samples it's like I won the lottery. The problem with health care is many, but the drug prices, hospital fee's and administrative cost is over the top. IMO

Land price shock
by tom4018 (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 06:50:38 GMT+5)
I spoke with 4 realtors in my area and all of them think he is asking double or more for it. I went as far as having the timber looked at and there is not enough there to make it worth cutting.

Is now a good time to buy?
by RanchMan90 (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 06:46:26 GMT+5)
The timing is fair being near the bottom of the cycle, while not knowing it's duration. Did you watch Lockhart yesterday?

What is going on in our country.
by Margonme (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 06:46:14 GMT+5)
True Grit Farms wrote:js1234 wrote:Margonme wrote:Moderators:

The forgoing posts are NOT political. The posts are intended solely for the purpose of education. It is our civic duty to know our country's history.
I agree. Regardless of which side of the aisle one inhabits, deleting those posts would be silly.

I knew there was corruption on both sides, because the government is crooked, and those that live in glass house's better not throw rocks. It's a shame that we the voters can't rescind some of the presidents powers, or get term limits passed.
For the people, by the people doesn't seem to mean much to a modern day politician.

The Pardon powers are intended to vest power in the highest office of the land to balance an error of judgement. It has not worked that way. Presidents have made the Pardon powers the most corrupt form of politics one will ever see.

Fence Tester?
by Lucky_P (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 06:40:49 GMT+5)
This one is a Kencove, but as noted, there are others.

Breeding "High end" Simmental blood lines and determining calf prices
by RanchMan90 (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 05:57:04 GMT+5)
I wouldn't do that to sell commercial calves though an auction. $20000 would be better spent on 15-20 good commercial cows and $5000 on a bull, to sell calves through an auction IMO

Broadcasting clover into Bermuda
by wbvs58 (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 05:26:24 GMT+5)
The varieties I have access to probably won't mean much to you, I use Haifa white clover. I believe you have Durana there which I have sampled and it seems to hang on well and produce good feed.


Simangus, Balancer, Limflex , or BraunAngus bulls on heifers?
by Post Oak (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 04:18:04 GMT+5)
WalnutCrest wrote:(Sorta) as Muddy says ... it's all dependent upon the bull.

How big are the heifers?

What phenotype are the calves? Long and lean, or built like bowling balls?
They are built like bowling balls.

The most beautiful galaxy wallpaper
by Arteaga1987 (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 04:13:11 GMT+5)
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According Sputnik News, a hypothesis that the researchers was that these galaxies contain dark matter, while there are other opinions that is caused by the gravitational pull of neighboring galaxies, including the Milky Way Huh.
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Bundy Trial
by bmcdonald (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 01:33:11 GMT+5)
Im Impressed He Represented Himself And Won.

Calf with mucas secretion
by dun (Posted Fri, 28 Oct 2016 00:07:36 GMT+5)
Milk stool. Sticky as can be.

Craigslist Cattle
by BK9954 (Posted Thu, 27 Oct 2016 23:51:10 GMT+5)
craigslist and facebook cattle high high high, led me to buy my first first purchase at the auction.

Light Weight Calf Value ?
by js1234 (Posted Thu, 27 Oct 2016 23:28:24 GMT+5)
Out here its because they fit the two season grass programs. If a Fall/Winter stocker operator, or two season stocker operator ranches' country isn't filled up yet, it's time to do so.
I'm working to finishing filling up our country, I got 5 truck loads of lighter, two season type calves bought today.
I bought 3 loads of cattle today out of the country:
1 load (90 head) of fancy Red Angus steers, weaned, 525lbs., Nov. 15th. delivery, Vac. 45. $130/cwt. FOB sellers corrals.
1 load (95 head) of better than average but not quite fancy, Angus/Angus X steers, bawlers, 500lbs., Nov. 10th. delivery, Vac 34. $131/cwt. FOB sellers corrals.
1 load (112 head) of better than average but not quite fancy, Angus/Angus X heifers, bawlers, 425lbs., Nov. 10th. delivery, Vac 34. $127/cwt. FOB sellers corrals.
The first load are the light end of the steers of a reputation Northern Nevada high desert ranch. We have bought these steers 15 of the last 20 years. Typically own them all the way through due to their superior feed yard performance.
The second two loads are both off the same ranch, basically their calf crop less cuts and replacements, we haven't bought these calves before.
All these calves were bought off Northern Nevada ranches.
I also bought a 2 load deal on the video today:
1 load (202 head) of fancy, Char/Angus X heifers, weaned, 475lbs., Nov. 9th. delivery, Vac. 45. $126.50/cwt. FOB sellers corrals.
These heifers are the middle cut weight wise of the heifer crop off a reputation Eastern Oregon high desert ranch. We have bought these cattle several times.
They will come to our California ranches for the season and then ship to one of our Wyoming ranches in early May. Depending on market conditions, we will either sell them off those Wyoming ranches for October 2017 delivery or put them on feed and make them Feb. 2018 Fats.

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