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The American consumer has demonstrated to us that the safety and quality of the food which they eat is one of their top priorities. As beef producers, it is our responsibility to insure that every animal which leaves our operations has been managed and treated correctly. This will insure that when the animal leaves the farm to go to the next link in the beef production chain it will be a fault free product to put the finishing touches on. If everyone does this, we are taking a huge step towards securing an even brighter future for our industry.

One of the primary goals of Tennessee's BQA program is to bring our BQA efforts to the same level of many other states' BQA programs. Why should we care about other states? It's pretty simple. The states that buy higher quality, source verified, Tennessee feeder cattle with a sound health program will be assured that these calves are ready to go. Many of the alliances and branded beef product lines are also demanding these calves. In short, the most progressive beef programs in the country are demanding high quality, properly managed cattle with sound vaccination program. Cattle that are source verified and their producers are BQA Certified will attract buyers because they help insure a higher quality final product...BEEF.


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Many of the great cattle auctioneers and ring men of yesteryear were “fully figured" men. Most of the road agents today seem to be in better shape but a lot of the men I traveled with were well marbled big men with booming voices and little chance of ever becoming thoroughbred jockeys.
Buyers from 10 states purchased 92 lots in Debter's Genetic Value Female Sale on May 24, 2014, Horton, Ala.
Returns beyond cash costs per cow are estimated to be at unprecedented levels this year, nearly $350 (basis Southern Plains), according to data from the Livestock marketing Information Center (LMIC). That's more than double the previous high in 2004.
Cattlemen commonly talk about their genetics. Many producers invest large amounts of time, energy and money in the selection of animals that have the right genetics to meet their production goals.
We have all enjoyed a good western. Who hasn't spent the day watching the John Wayne movie marathons or even more recently, Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones in Lonesome Dove, battling the elements and the Indians to acquire more rangeland for their herds? The history of the American rancher moving west has been chronicled time and time again through movies, books and television. In those accounts, all the action was out west, and the cowboys usually came out on top. But, the modern day version of that story is very different, as demonstrated at a recent media day event hosted by the Seminole Tribe of Florida on their Brighton reservation.
The 7P Mature Cowherd Dispersal was held May 24, 2014 at the ranch in Tyler, Texas.
The fifth annual Seedstock Plus Tennessee Bull Sale was a successful event with the commitment to commercial producers being rewarded.
The American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) sponsored Spring Select Sale featured fifty-eight lots of elite Registered Brahmans that grossed $264,250 and averaged $4,556 per head.
The Rio Grande Valley Brahman and F-1 and the South Texas Brahman Associations recently combined their efforts on May 3rd and had a combined field day at La Muneca Ranch.
The American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) offered educational and networking opportunities at their Four State F1 Field Day held at the Joplin Regional Stockyards on Saturday, May 10, 2014.
JLS International hosted their annual Winning Tradition XII Sale May 3, 2014, at the ranch in Devine, Texas.
I find the prospect of reincarnation intriguing and have given lots of thought as to what I may have been in the past, and what I want to spend my next life as.
Most cattle producers will tell you they have some type of mineral program. This might range from a “white salt block and a yellow salt block” on to a full blown, custom-designed mineral with all the bells and whistles and then some.
If Mom Nature continues to cooperate, there's reason to believe the nation's beef cow inventory could finally eke out a gain this year.
Across the United States, the makeup of commercial cow herds varies to fit various environments. In the South, increased heat and humidity require cattle that are able to perform in these conditions.

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Fires in 2014
by Dave (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 10:06:47 GMT)
It is raining here today. Work me up it was raining so hard. First thing this morning I had standing water every where. Hopefully it is doing this in the fire area.

The forest circus has hugely reduce the cattle allowed to range in this area. They ran off the sheep years ago and they kept the brush down. Pretty much stopped all the logging. And what do you know, the fuel built up and we have a huge fire. Of course everyone knows that cow pies burn much hotter and faster than dry grass. Government policies worked real good here.

On the news this morning they were talking to a couple of retired fire fighters from Twisp. They and several or their neighbors fought fire with garden hoses while DNR crew sat and watched. They managed to save 5 homes but lost about the same number. These are guys with years of experience fighting wild land fires. To say they were upset would be an understatement. We use to jump in and do what needed to be done. But now with government run by policies you have to wait to be told what to do. Doing something on your own accord because it looks like the thing to do is punished.

New Member from Western Arkansas
by T-Wacker (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 10:06:22 GMT)
2nd generation cattle rancher with Hereford, Angus, and Brangus cattle. Trying something new with a purchase of a purebreed Braunvieh and an F1 Angus Sire and Black Braunvieh Dam. Looking to expand herd from 55 cows to around 165 by keeping heifers and changing bulls every 3 or 4 years. Going to the Braunvieh crosses to get better milk production with new heifers. Anyone else tried infusing Braunvieh into there herds for this purpose? Also thinking about buying a purebreed Tarentaise bull for the same purpose, milk production with my cows. Long term goal is to get the 165 momma cows and then back to Angus sires. Running only 55 momma cows on 652 acres, so plenty of room for expansion. Not to worried about breeding the Braunvieh bulls, both have low birth weights, but the Tarentaise has me somewhat concerned. Even the guy I talked to about purchasing the bull stated he wouldn't use a Tarentaise bull on heifers, only Red Angus. Any info on the Tarentaise breed?

My angus bull lives here
by JHH (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 10:05:09 GMT)
My angus bull lives in here so I don't have to worry about attitude or chasing him. LOL

Show your bull(s) - Put a pic up
by TexasBred (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 10:04:01 GMT)
Your problem is that you don't take anyone's advice no matter how well intended.

I sold my herd to Murphy
by J&D Cattle (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 10:01:08 GMT)
That is some tough luck Hoss. Hope things turn around for you.

no calfs this yr
by bigbull338 (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:58:23 GMT)
DB you could also be like me.im in heavy culling mode right now on my reg cows.already culled 2 that missed calving this spring and for age.still have 1 pair left to cull due to age.so ill be buying reg cattle back this year.if i dont buy a herd bull calf on a cow this fall.ill be looking to buy a bull next fall anyway.

If you had to choose?Beefmaster
by JWBrahman (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:54:52 GMT)
East Caney wrote:JWBrahman wrote:Somebody let the air out of Cowgirl's tires so I can get to those heifers first.

Great heifers, congratulations.

I thought a real rancher had to air their tires up every time they needed the trailer anyway...It's all I've ever known.

God Bless America
by john250 (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:51:46 GMT)
Love that. Thanks, Macon.

Just An Observation
by greybeard (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:49:57 GMT)
Everything is expensive right now. Beefmasters no more so than any other good cattle of any breed IMO.
I was in South Texas last week and looked at ads and some actual Santa Gerturdis while down there. They sure as heck ain't inexpensive either.

John Deere 5085E
by bigbull338 (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:48:34 GMT)
i really think 2013 was the last year before they started the teir 4 motors.because i found and bought a 7040SU 4x4 fel with ease.now that mightve been earlier if they ran out of teir 3 stock on the lots.was talking to my buddy about his 7040 that he is thinking about trading.said the talking offer was $28000 for his tractor.im thinking bout getting a cab tractor when i can.but every1 knows i hate running cab tractors because i dont like being closed in.so think about that before you lock yourself into a tractor new or used.

Bundy Accountable for Standoff
by Dave (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:47:22 GMT)

Could be your part time receptionist should sign up and get her food stamp debit card. This is a person the card was designed for. Any one ever watch Robert Shuler. I remember sermon he had about moving to where the work was. He compared it to moose hunting he said to moose hunt you have to go to where the moose are.[/quote]

Actually I do think she is on food stamps. She did mention something about them one time. I figured it was none of my business so I didn't ask for details. I do know that she lives with 2 other gals to make ends meet and barely squeaks by. I give her eggs, veggies from the garden and hamburger. She is really appreciative when I bring stuff in for her. I know she will move on eventually. She is a hard working bright young lady. She was working on finishing her Masters when she started here but she has been done with school for about 8-9 months.

Craigslist prize bulls
by backhoeboogie (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:45:50 GMT)
Fire Sweep Ranch wrote:M.Magis wrote:Some more fine specimens.


And THIS is why I cut so deep in my herd... shame shame, poor excuses for bulls

You could buy those cross breds, castrate them, and sell them for profit.

The whole lot should be castrated.

Scotch and Stogies
by john250 (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:42:24 GMT)
Scotch is foul stuff, to me. I can't even get it down my throat. Kentucky bourbon and Marlboros, them's my vices.

by branguscowgirl (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:42:06 GMT)
I always "try things out" in certain arrangements. If it works out well for a year or two, it gets some concrete to and posts!

A good old bull, part one.
by East Caney (Posted Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:40:16 GMT)

That's a good looking bull with good looking offspring. It would be hard not to be proud to have raised such good looking cattle. Having good neighbors in the cattle business is probably second only to having good pasture. You seem to have a good relationship with your neighbors. We all know that every bit of advice ever given (e.g. telling a neighbor to sell his bull) isn't sound. I'm certainly not getting rid of a first time offender for chasing the girls through a fence. If he isn't chasing me or running away with his head held high, then he likely has no disposition problem.

Again, good looking cattle. That bull has done some good for you and maybe your neighbors as well.


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